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Compared with all domestic animals, the parrot has the longest life expectancy. Depending on the type of parrot, and provided they are looked after and cared for properly, these happy, sociable and ever so sensible feathered friends can live to a blessed age of 80 and beyond.

Magazine PapageienUmschauThe PapageienUmschau magazine informs owners of parrots and parakeets with the aim to continuously improve the keeping of these extraordinary animals. We encourage owners to keep their precious birds in a responsible way, suitable for parrots. By providing numerous ideas, tricks and tips we demonstrate parrot owners just how exciting and wonderful life can be together with their feathered friends.

Since 2016 the PapageienUmschau has printed 10,000 copies per year free of charge. We also publish online and offer a PapageienUmschau-App (App Store, Google Play).

PapageienUmschau 2019/2020

PapageienUmschau 22 2020
PapageienUmschau 22 2020
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PapageienUmschau 21 2019
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Macaws by Tony Silva

By Tony Silva: Looking for something special for Christmas? Copies of my macaw book have just arrived in the USA.

Bentonite – Detoxification or Supplementary Food

It has been known for decades that many types of parrots eat loam. It was, however, known that even the aborginies – the native people of Australia – used the effect of loam to make poisonous plants and fruit edible.

Foreign objects and bezoars – Dr. Marko Legler

Long fibres can also wind themselves around the tongue and cause injuries by cutting into the tongue. Foreign objects can also be eaten due to the birds owner's negligence.

We proudly present – PapageienUmschau worldwide

The magazine PapageienUmschau is now working worldwide for a better parrot attitude: Available in German, English, Dutch and sometimes also in Russian.

Magnetic Agitator
January/February Issue 2020